"nalu" is the Hawaiian word for "wave". The oceans' waves are unpredictable. Nevertheless, committed surfers discover certain wave patterns by watching the sea over extended periods of time,. Flexibility, attentiveness, determination, sensitivity and curiosity help them when floating on their board waiting for the perfect wave. And when they finally catch one at exactly the right point in time, they will leverage the wave's energy to gain speed before its peak reaches them. Then they'll smoothly ride it, and keep their balance in a stable position, making their virtuous ride look easy. Acting against the natural forces would be inefficient - an exhausting waste of resources.

The capability to find the right balance and making the most of both stable and unstable phases does not only characterize good surfers, but also innovative organizations. Enterprises may explore the future in the way surfers do. They should make use of current opportunities, e.g. in new technologies and new markets. As soon as they discover a market niche they should try to close it.

Changes in an unsteady market offer the opportunity to increase business value. Enterprises who are capable of identifying and taking these chances, will circumnavigate obstacles successfully. Suitable actions just in time help reach targets, prevent delays and therefore enable them to profit from the longest possible lifecycle of the measure chosen.

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